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Contact Coach Bucky at 623-694-0265   Check out or instagram @BuckelewMotocrossCoach 


Small Group Training 

Small group training is our primary form of Motocross, Supercross, and Off-road training. During a class you will do warm ups and stretching, laps, section work focusing on body positioning and techniques, and line choice for each unique part of the track. This includes Braking, corners, jumping, whoops (if applicable) , and starts. Each rider will receive individual instruction at his or her skill level. Classes are 3-8 riders. Cost is $150 per session or $500 for 4 pack of sessions. (training fee does not include track practice fee) . Most classes are based in Phoenix AZ but we also travel to tracks throughout the southwest. 

2-Day Weekend Camps

Our 2 day camps are a great way to learn and expand your riding skills. 2-day weekend camps are held throughout the southwest. You will receive 4-5 hours instruction each day inluding Braking, corners, jumping, starts, line choice, and passing. Each rider will receive individual instruction at their skill level. Cost is $380 (includes track fee)  


3-Day Summer Camps 

Our Summer Camps are super popular and Fun! Located at a small Private track in Rimrock AZ, We spend our mornings on the bike with 5 hours of riding instruction. 3-day camps allow me to really break down each aspect of Motocross. We cover, Braking, Entry speed, Corner techniques (berms, off camber, ruts, flat, sand) Jump techniques (tables, doubles, rhythm section), rollers, starts, passing, and corner drills only done at these camps!  After camp we have some fun activities planned between swimming at the creek, mountain biking, and pit bike races! Camps are limited to 10 riders. Cost is $480 (includes track fees and dry camping) *Parents must remain with minors throughout camps. 

Private Lessons

Private lessons are 1 on 1 training sessions available on a limited basis. Justin will ride with you demonstrating skills and evaluating your riding technique, line choice, and speed. Cost is $400 for a 4 hour session. (includes track fee) 


Affiliate Coaches

Coach Randall Williams 

Randall is a childhood friend and competitor with several Amateur National titles to his name. He was an AMA Pro and has been coaching for years. His teaching style and integrity is consistent with the Motocross Coach brand. He teaches in the west Texas area. 

Call Randall at 806-544-7098

Coach Kameron Barboa  

Kameron has been a student of Bucky's for 8+ years. He is a current AMA Pro rider and is available for coaching in the Albuquerque NM Area


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